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Author : Owen
Update time : 2022-06-01 15:50:44
A few months ago, Research Instruments completed the ground torsion test of a full-scale large-megawatt offshore wind turbine blade based on the VIC-3D digital image correlation measurement system. Through this experiment, we verified the engineering feasibility, accuracy and reliability of the VIC-3D system in the measurement of super-large structural parts and the applicability of the external environment.
The relevant contents of the test are described as follows:
Test object: large megawatt offshore wind turbine blades, glass fiber reinforced plastic structure, blade size > 90 meters, measuring area length > 35 meters.
Test purpose: To measure the twist angle value of the blade under different torsional loads. And verify the accuracy against the angle sensor pre-installed on the blade.
Test conditions: The torsional load is applied to the wind turbine blade through the loading fixture frame with a crane and a counterweight, and the initial load is increased from 0 to 100% load, and then gradually unloaded from 100% to 0 load.
Description of working conditions: There are a total of 3 sets of working conditions in the test, and the position of the torsional tooling is changed between the working conditions to apply the torsional load.
Environmental description: open field, concrete pavement ground, and the distance from the clear space is less than 50 meters. Maximum wind speed <5 m/s, partly cloudy and sunny.