2.5m CNC vertical lathe

Accurately machining channel shape to provide ideal shape and position for channel quenching; Provide raceway grinding precision allowance; To ensure the sealing installation site, sealing contact geometric accuracy and finish.

      Double column CNC drilling 
Efficient processing of end face connection holes; To ensure the accuracy of hole machining and dividing precision.

   3.0m horizontal boring machine
Accurate processing of ball-blocking holes; To ensure that the ball hole and the ball blocking fast and accurate coordination; Accurate processing of bearing oiling holes and tapping.

 4.5m NC vertical intermediate frequency quenching machine
Optimize the processing parameters to ensure the quality of channel heat treatment; Surface hardness; Hardness gradient change; Quenching structure; Hardened layer depth.


4.5m NC horizontal gear intermediate frequency quenching

Optimize the processing parameters to ensure the heat treatment quality of tooth surface, tooth surface hardness, quenching structure, quenching layer shape, hardening layer depth.

     4 meter tempering furnace

Eliminate residual stress of workpiece; Refining the organization to ensure uniform organization.

             4m NC lathe grinding

Raceway lean machining; Coarse and precise compound grinding, high precision, sufficient cooling, ensure the shape of the raceway, no grinding burn, crack.


       2.5-3.0m  CNC gear shaper
Efficient rough milling tooth surface modeling; High efficiency precision milling ensures high modulus gear machining accuracy.