On-line audit

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Author : Owen
Update time : 2022-03-22 09:26:50

Siemens Gamesa conduct a three days long online audit to our UWE instead of on-site audit because of the COVID-19.

General manager,quality department,enterprise management department,marketing department,technical department,production department have participate this meeting.The topic of audit is mainly about the management of production quality,employee health,production safety,and production environment as a qualified supplier.

Siemens Gamesa proposed us to increase the quality of production,adjust the market battle plan,and being prepared for the sudden increase of overseas order under the circumstances of epidemic.strengthen the management to our employees and sub-supplier,improve the environment of workshop,increase the remuneration of operators,well cooperate with local relevant organization and well serve the Siemens Gamesa .meet the domestic market needs at the same time.

Be prepared for uncertain global environmental and political situations,material and shipping service.

Affirming the past achievements,offering suggestions to next financial year,to make the cooperation more smooth during this special period.