14th Five-Year-Plan for Modern Energy System

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National Development and Reform Commission National Energy Administration Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry of Ecology and Environment Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs China Meteorological Administration State Forestry and Grassland Administration
Notice on Printing and Distributing the "14th Five-Year" Renewable Energy Development Plan
Development and Reform Energy [2021] No. 1445
All provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Development and Reform Commission, Energy Bureau, Department of Finance, Department of Natural Resources, Department of Ecological Environment, Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, Meteorological Bureau, Forestry and Grassland Bureau, National Energy Administration Dispatched offices, relevant central enterprises:
In order to thoroughly implement the new energy security strategy of "Four Revolutions and One Cooperation", implement carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and promote the high-quality development of the renewable energy industry, according to the "14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People's Republic of China" In accordance with the relevant requirements of the Annual Plan and the 2035 Vision Outline and the "14th Five-Year Plan for Modern Energy System", we organized the compilation of the "14th Five-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Development". 
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