UWE new slewing ring for industrial robot

UWE finished the production of slewing ring used for industrial robot on 27 July,2017. The highlight of this slewing ring is the electroless nickel plating on surface with thickness 5μm. It will be mounted to the robot vertically.  The teeth precision is 7GK-G/BT10095 by grinding. Considering the special working condition, UWE apply VCI bag for packing which can protect the slewing ring against corrosion. As the industry 4.0 concept spread over the world, the industrial robots will be widely used, and the robot slewing rings need to be developed and used extensively. UWE will forcus on the developing/designing and manufacturing of this kind of high precision slewing ring.

Preparation before processing

1 operating personnel should wear protective glasses, anti smashing working shoes and protective articles

2 The required fulcrum, pressure plate, copper skin should be complete

3.Technology,inspection instructions, processing records are accurate and complete

product quality of UWE

our company 'product has perfect quality management system. with 100%traceability of fine quality inspestion process. with zero defect products and service to users. high precision beaing assembly equipment can accurately control the clearance of the bearing assembly, torques and smooth operation

company development

the company always make the insight on the hign place for its development,basing ourselves upon now and looking beyond, every staff in UWE use their their own thought, belief and diligence to build industry- leading products, making the uwe own century enterprise, science and technology enterprise and world first-class enterprise.

packing of slewing bearing

By the end of year, our compang is very buzy, workshop in particular。they are packing constantly, one by one. product quality is very well, so we have a lot of order from home and abroad. and the process of productiom  is perfect. we have advanced measuring equipment and inspection equipment. our compamy will develop better in the future.

India client visit our factory

Today, two india clients come to visit our factory. the head of workshop introduce production to them. they check the progress for their order this time. after visisting., they feel very satisfictory. and finally, we enjoy lunch together.

company profile

UWE Dalian United Wind Power Generation Bearing Co.,Ltd, trade mark "UWE", is located wafangdian, Dalian. the capital of the bearings industry in china. the company is located in xijiao industry park in wafangdian, covers an area of 50,000,00 square meters. with a registered capital of 20 million yuan and total capital of more than 250 million yuan. it has strong comprehensive competitiveness. the company has constructed20,000,00 square meters of workshop, over 100 employees, boast an annual sales figure that exceed 150 million yuan. fully engaged in the development of larfe and surper large size slewing bearings develop, design, production and service.

company profile

 UWE company is a professional scientific research, design and manufacturing enterprises, has a strong research, design and management group. UWE adopts advanced foreign wind power bearing production technology combined with independent research and development, has formed a unique slewing bearing development system and quality control system, has passed the ISO9000 quality system certification, and received 7 national patents, has become one of the green clean energy enterprises which priority supported by the national and local governments.

bearing design technology

the UWE in the process of long- term bearing research and devolopment has formed the independent intellectual property theory of force analysis and bearing life calculation theory.

the UWE accordiing to the new international standard and bearing use complex conditions, designed to optimize coupling scheme,and make the bearing performance completely pla.

the struction of slewing bearing

  1.  UWE slwing bearing is a kind of special struction large bearing, include rotating, transmission, fixed and other function,and it can under anxialload,radial load and overturning moment load at the same time. under nomal circustances, the slewing bearing itself both with teech, mounting holes, lubricants holes and sealing devices to meat the requirement of variety of working conditions; on the other hand, slewing bearing has a characteristic of compact structure, easy to guide rotating, convenient installation and easy to maintain, widely used in lifting and transport machinery, mining machines, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, medical equipment,radar, missile launchers and other large rotary devices.


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