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UWE Development History

2008.06  Dalian United Wind Power Generation Bearing Co., Ltd.was established,trade mark "UWE".
2009.04  the first set of 1.5MM pitch bearing got successful assembly and installation test.
2009.05  the first set of 1.5MW pitch bearing passed 1000 hours load test and put in mas production.
2009.06  passed the ISO9001 certification.
2009.12  UWE delivered over 750 sets of 1.5MW pitch bearing, the passing rate of 100%.
2010.04  first group of 3MW pitch/yaw bearing were produced,and passed trial run production successfully .
2010.12  total sales reached 150 million yuan.
2011.05  the second base was founded.
2010.12  UWE was awarded the Dalian famous brand.
2011.12  UWE was awarded the high-tech enterprise certificate.
2012.05  first group of 2MW pitch/yaw bearing was off the assembly line, and began mass production.
2012.08  the first set of pitch bearing 5MW successful was offline and installed by running testing.
2012.09  UWE was awarded import and export rights.
2012.09  UWE was awarded Liaoning famous brand.
2013.07  Cooperated with Beijing Research  Institution for wind power main shaft bearings.
2014.01  India military commissioned the development of wire raceway bearings, and passed the using test.
2014.04  Vestas engineer came to UWE for visiting and technical discussion
2014.08  Gamesa Sourcing Manager came to UWE for visiting.
2014.11  UWE gained ISO14001 certificate.
2015.01  UWE passed OHSAS 18001 certificate.
2015.06  UWE became qualified yaw ring supplier for Gamesa.