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Wire-race bearings application

Date: 2014-11-19 14:14
Stratosphere observatory for infrared astronomy.
An aluminum three-row wire-race roller bearing with a bolted steel gear ring for the rough adjustment of the telescope was applied. The telescope is in the rear of a converted Boeing 747.During the flight, a sort of “sliding roof” opens to enable the telescope to make astronomic observations in the infrared range.
Optical telescopes
Three-row wire-race roller bearing was designed for telescopes. The bearing rings are made of aluminium.The bearings enable the adjustment of the M2 mirror.In addition,a surface-hardened three-row precision bearing was supplied to adjust the M3 mirror.Astronomic faculties use these telescopes for their extensive research.
Articulated buses
Hybrid-type four-point bearing was manufactured for the articulation of buses, consisting of a wire race bearing part and a surface-hardened part.The majority of the articulated buses are referred to as pushers, i.e. the engine and entire drive unit are located in the rear section, in the trailer.This concept puts a lot of specific requirements on the articulation, such as buckling stability, for instance, which is achieved by means of a complicated electronically-controlled damping system.