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UWE bearing introduction

Date: 2015-03-23 15:05
UWE bearing was located in the capital of bearings-Wafangdian,specializing in development, design, production and service of slewing bearings, wind power bearings, wire race bearings.The annual output is more than 2000 pieces,providing clients with over 40 professional slewing bearing solutions. Since 2008, UWE offers excellent services to global customers with the business philosophy:“Technology priority,Quality first, Credit-oriented”. UWE has become qualified supplier for ZWZ,Sinovel Wind Group, NHI,CSIC and many famous customers home and abroad.
UWE strictly control the quality of every bearing from APQP,PPAP to product batch delivery,replying on professional design knowledge, abundant production experience,exquisite operation skills,advanced processing equipment and strict quality control.(Zero Defect,100% Inspection,100% Traceability )
Forging:100% Incoming inspection(dimension test,hardness inspection,ultrasonic flaw detection)
Mark identification forging number and make traceability card to ensure all forgings controlled and traceable.
Rough turning:Lay a good foundation for fine turning, and strictly control the dimension and precision.
Inspection:Inspector inspects dimensions to ensure subsequent machining process,and fill in test report and traceability card.
Heat treatment:Professional heat treatment processing equipment and technology to control the quenching layer hardness and uniformity.
Temper: Eliminate the internal stress of rings during quenching, reduce the brittleness of hardened steel to ensure the strength, toughness, plasticity, elastic and other comprehensive mechanical properties.
Heat treatment inspection:Inspector makes the dimensional inspection,test hardness and depth by use of hardness tester and hardening layer thickness gauge. Meanwhile inspector fills in traceable test report.
Fine turning:CNC processing equipment ensures the precision and accuracy of bearing end face.
Hole machining:Imported CNC drilling machine, improve the machining accuracy and shorten the processing time of hole; Horizontal boring machine ensures the hole roundness, size and fit precision with ball plug.
Gear milling&shaping: High-speed gear milling machine and CNC gear shaper achieve the tooth accuracy and reliability one-time.
Inspection: Professional inspector makes dimensional test and fill in traceable report.
Gear quenching: CNC quenching machine tool can meet customers' various requirements of gear.
Turning&grinding:Combining turning with grinding in one CNC machine to ensure final machining accuracy and reliability, reduce repeat positioning,improve work efficiency.
Assembly:Self-developed high precision assembly equipment controls the bearing assembly clearance, torque and operation stability.
Sealing:Design seal structure according to bearing working condition and adopt imported Simrit seals to prevent dust, water, oil leak, prolong the service life of bearing in harsh conditions.
Inspection:Each bearing is tested by mounting and running,especially for wind power bearing, UWE has wheel hub to test meshing state to ensure bearing can be installed in client-side.
Physical&chemical measurement:UWE is equipped with the complete physical and chemical measuring equipment, which can realize many physical and chemical experiment.
Finished product:Every step of the production is carried out strictly in accordance with quality control documents,and equipped with a full set of quality inspection report. Inspector issues bearing assembly report,test record,and certificate according inner ring and outer ring traceable cards.
UWE keeps improving on product,quality and service to guarantee the customer requirements . At present,UWE has got through certifications of some management systems including ISO9001-2008 Quality Management System, ISO14001-2004 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001-2007 Occupational Health&Safety Management System, and won New High-tech Enterprise,and 13 national patent certificates.
UWE appeals to the faith of quality first,service first to develop market and serve customers. UWE is always committed to build its own brand,and keeps research ,development,design and innovation continuously. Technology support UWE,Quality achieve eternity.
Based on China, Facing the world.