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UWE Wire-race Bearing Components

Date: 2014-11-19 14:08
Wire races:Hardened or naturally hardened steels
Rolling elements:Bearing steel, also corrosion-resistant
Bearing rings:aluminium
Surface: corrosion-proof
• Steel normalized or hardened and tempered
Surface: corrosion-proof
• Stainless steel, selection as required(e.g. acid-resistant steels)
• Special steels, selection as required(e.g. magnetoresistive steels)
• Bronze(e.g. seawater-resistant bronze)
Rolling elements
• Bearing steel, also corrosion-resistant
Gear rings
• The material can be selected as for the bearing rings.
• The gearing cut into the ring can be hardened.
Material combinations
• Material combinations in one bearing are also possible (e.g. rings of aluminium and gear ring of hardened and tempered steel).
Design and dimensioning