100% Incoming inspection
(dimension test,hardness inspection,ultrasonic flaw detection)
Mark identification forging number and make traceability card to ensure all forgings controlled and traceable.
  Rough turning:
Lay a good foundation for fine turning, and strictly control the dimension and precision.
  Heat treatment:
Professional heat treatment processing equipment and technology to control the quenching layer hardness and uniformity.
Eliminate the internal stress of rings during quenching, reduce the brittleness of hardened steel to ensure the strength, toughness, plasticity, elastic and other comprehensive mechanical properties.
  Gear milling&shaping:
High-speed gear milling machine and CNC gear shaper achieve the tooth accuracy and reliability one-time.
  Gear quenching:
CNC quenching machine tool can meet customers' various requirements of gear.
  Hole machining:
Imported CNC drilling machine, improve the machining accuracy and shorten the processing time of hole; Horizontal boring machine ensures the hole roundness, size and fit precision with ball plug.
Combining turning with grinding in one CNC machine to ensure final machining accuracy and reliability, reduce repeat positioning,improve work efficiency.
Self-developed high precision assembly equipment controls the bearing assembly clearance, torque and operation stability.
  Finished product:
Every step of the production is carried out strictly in accordance with quality control documents,and equipped with a full set of quality inspection report. Inspector issues bearing assembly report,test record,and certificate according inner ring and outer ring traceable cards.