UWE bearing main customers


Sinovel Wind Group:From 2009, supply blade bearing/yaw bearing 400 sets, with total value 35 million dollars.

SKF (Dalian) Bearings and Precision Technologies Co. Ltd.:passed SKF approval and gained SKF qualified supplier. Supply bearing machining service.

Wafangdian Bearing Group Corporation: Supply all machine services of 1.5MW blade bearing for Mingyang Wind Power.

GPC Global Sourcing Ltd.: Manufactured 060.55.3454.101.11.1402 single row ball bearing with outer diameter 3600mm.

NHI:gained NHI network access license in 2010, supply slewing rings which are used in bucket wheel and shield tunneling machine with total value 20 million dollars.

DHI.DCW Group:established cooperation in 2009, designed and manufactured ship/crane slewing bearings.