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Metallographic Microscope

Metallographic Microscope

Factory:Guangzhou Liss Optical Instrument Co., Ltd
Model:XJL-17AT(semi-automatic,Manually adjust the focal length)
Factory No.:1015643
Company No.:UWE-JL-02(having verification certificate)

Technical index:
1.Trinocular probe get 30°degrees slope;
type(no cover glass) Magnification
numerical aperture working distance
plan achromatic 
10X 0.25 8.8 XJL-17AT
20X 0.40 8.6
40X 0.60 3.73
100X(spring,oil) 1.25 0.33
10X 0.25 6.6 XJL-17BT
20X 0.40 1.85
100X(spring,oil) 1.25 0.27
CFI PLAN FLUOR 40X 0.65 0.55

3.Converter is four hole ball positioning converter;
4.Ocular is 10X large view ocular,focal length 25mm,fieldφ18mm;
5.Double specimen stage,dimensions:180mm×150mm,moving range15mm×15mm;
6.filter has blue color filter,green color filter, yellow color filter and ground glass;Illumination is halogen lamp,brightness adjustable

Main applications:Metallographic examination