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Vertical optical meter

Vertical optical meter (0.2µm projection optical meter)
Factory:Guiyang Xintian OETECH Co., Ltd
Model:JD20(manual type,rotary knob behind the instrument to adjust height,the top knob can be fine-tuning)
Factory No:ZH0021
Company No:UWE-JL-01(having verification certificate)
Technical index: 
1.Instrument biggest boundary dimensions:320 mm×230 mm×820mm;
2.Magnification in system reaches 8800 times,The minimum degree of visibility more than 1.7mm;
3.Projection screen, measuring head shows the difference value;
Main applications:
1.High precision comparison length (height) instrument,
2.Comparison range 0mm-180mm;minimum value of division0.2µm;
Working principle:use theoretical size with datum quantity to compare with tested parts,to measure both size difference, while datum quantity dimension is given.