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Raster indicator verification instrument

Raster indicator verification instrument
Factory: Beijing Daysun Science&Technology Co., Ltd.
Model:DS10A(semi-automatic,print test result automatically,manually adjust the hand wheel to forward and backward)
Factory No.:1923
Company No.:UWE-JL-04(having verification certificate)
Technical index:
1.distinguishability 1.2µm;in accordance with JJG379-1995;
2.0—10mm error ≤1.4µm,random2mm error≤1.0µm;
3.having metric/inch transfer function;
4.measuring range not less that 0.4inch.
Main applications:
Choose on faceplate according to measuring range,could measure range of dial indicator, inner table, dial gauge, lever table, torsional spring table, imperial table.
Functions:Alarm function,supplement function,clock setting,any value for printing(be used as precise length measurement instrument),self-inspection,print<audit>,test result can be printed,make sample automatically,return error out-of-tolerance alarm function,whole error out-of-tolerance alarm function,input series number function.