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Magnetic Defect Detector

Fluorescent fault detector (ultraviolet lamp) and portable magnetic yoke

Factory:Sheyangxian Hongliang Tanshangji Chang(fault detector )
              Korean Jingdu Yanghang (portable magnetic yoke)
Model:fluorescent fault detector :Z-125W
magnetic yoke:MP-A2L
Factory No:091219(fault detector)
Company No:UWE-PHY-01

Technical index:
fluorescent fault detector
1.controller dimensions:250×160×110(mm);
2.ultraviolet intensity> 1000µV/cm²at distance of 381mm;
3.output wave length 365nm;
4.preheating time 5 minutes;rekindle need 5 minutes delayed;

magnetic yoke:
1.distance between two poles center:84-176mm;
2.it is magnetic particle testing equipment;
3.magnetic powder:dry,wet magnetic powder and fluorescent magnetic powder(we are using fluorescent magnetic powder)
Main applications:test if there is crack after heat treatment by using both of them.

1.with steady voltage.
2.working temperature -10℃-+40℃,temperature should not be over 80%.