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Gantry crane

UWE gantry crane slewing ring slewing mechanism by the device and the swing drive components. Slewing device provides solid support for the rotating gantry crane parts, and pass pressure and torque from the rotating part to the door frame. Rotary drive means for driving the rotary portion with respect to the gantry rotation achieved. Slewing mechanism is the role of portal cranes around the vertical axis in the horizontal plane along a circular arc migration items.
UWE slewing ring bearing material is 42CrMo or 50Mn, the raceway hardening is 4mm to 6mm, depending on the bearing design.
UWE have special strong design on the sealing system and the surface protection because of the special condition for the slewing rings used for the offshore. UWE specific design satisfy the main manufacturers of the gantry cranes.
All UWE slewing bearings follows the international certification standards and can accept the inspection such as DNV, GL.
slewing bearing for gantry crane application